CONCERT MUSIC//Parallels and paradoxes

Piano trio commisioned by Hardanger Musikkfest World premiered 17th may 2013 by:

Anders Nilsson-Violin ,Johannes Rostamo-Cello ,Wolfgang Plagge-Piano


When the tragic massacre happened on July 22nd of 2011, as well as the attack on the government, the media and the society in general spoke strongly in favour of meeting this evil with dignity and justice. For me, it was incredibly difficult to observe how the families had to deal with their loss, sorrrow and pain with the whole world watching. I also found it to be a big paradox how they were forced to shoulder the responsibility of showing dignity and a sense of justice forced upon them by the society in general and particurlarly by the media. In interviews, during the trial and in organizing support groups, they somehow managed to fulfill those expectations. It reminded me of a chapter in the book Parallells and Paradoxes by David Barenboim and Edward Said. In a discussion about the Oslo-Process (regarding the conflict in the Middle-East, specifically between Israel and Palestine), they promote an opinion that I share, in saying that the Oslo-process came close to creating peace, but that it failed to consider the decades of pain and sorrow suffered by both sides. In this case as well, to be expected to express dignity overruled the emotional aspect of the human condition.The goal was to forget the past and move on. For me, this represented a parallell to the massacre of July 22nd, because it is natural and important to be able to express grief and pain in the midst of such horror. When the cameras are gone, and the world is not watching anymore, the families of the Utoya victims have to go on with their lives and deal with their loss, just as the Palestinians and the Israelis have to find a way to continue living in an area with constant, deadly conflict.